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Private therapy services offered in the following areas:

  • Limited words or vocabulary

  • Trouble following directions

  • Difficulty answering questions

  • Limited ability to combine words into phrases​

  • Difficulty with correct grammar or word order ("I has two book")

  • Incorrect pronoun usage ("Her is going out")

  • Stories that are difficult to follow

  • Speech that is difficult to understand

  • Difficulty saying certain sounds or longer words

  • Trouble with the 's' sound (says "thoft" instead of "soft")

  • Trouble with the 'r' sound (says "wed wabbit" instead of "red rabbit")

  • Leaving sounds off the end of words

  • Limited repertoire of sounds

  • Sound confusions or substitutions (says "tat" instead of "cat")

  • Shows frustration at not being understood

  • Specially trained to treat Childhood Apraxia of Speech

  • Repetitions of sounds, syllables, or single words

  • Unintended sound prolongations
  • Restarting phrases repeatedly

  • Inserting uncontrolled pauses ("blocks") while speaking

  • Negative reactions to speaking 

  • Difficulty understanding or using the nonverbal rules of communication 

  • Challenges varying speech style given different situations

  • Challenges understanding other people's perspective

  • Trouble texting/emailing others appropriately

  • Challenges with complex problem solving skills such as inferencing or predicting

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