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How to get started


Call or email Northern Vermont Speech Therapy, PLC and you'll connect with me, Emily Grims, owner and speech language pathologist. I will answer your questions and make recommendations for the next steps.

Contact me at #(802) 242-5800 or


Evaluations are typically the starting point to establish your child's unique strengths and challenges. The evaluation might include a parent interview, speech language sample, standardized assessments, observations, and informal play to understand how your child communicates in an informal situation. Upon completion of the evaluation a formal report is provided, and in the first session we collaborate to establish goals and a treatment plan. 


Each therapy session is individualized to your child's preferences, abilities, and goals. Children learn best when they are engaged and having fun, so each session will combine evidence based therapy techniques and interactive hands on fun. As therapy progresses, parents will be provided tools for practice and carryover at home.

Child Playing
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